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Unsealing: Omnipotent Father
Author :OmnipotentDad
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409 Arriving

Being left in a weird position, Nantian braced himself: "You all there, what's all this ruckus about? Are there some grudges between the two groups?!"

One of the bandits chuckled, he's the only Immortal Ascension rank in their group: "Kid, do you think your group is the only one with an Immortal Saint rank expert?"

"To think that a kid like you are being brave just because you have someone at Immortal Saint rank."

"You should get the hell out now and don't let your group be inflicted with this conflict!"

Nantian hearing this nodded repeatedly: "That's right, but I'm already here! If I am to just get out, it will really harm my pride and also my master's prestige!"

"My master's prestige should never be harmed!"

Nantian gripped his sword and pointed at the bandit with it.

Hearing his words, the lady jumped at him and grabbed his arm: "Oh! such a brave man!"

"I am a wealthy lady, would you like to go out with me?"

"...." Even Nantian became speechless for a while before replying: "Miss, I'm here to court death, not court you, you should seriously think things through!"

The lady nodded repeatedly: "Then, would it be good if we talk about it after we're done?!"

Nantian shook his head repeatedly: "No, I am a man of solitude, I wish to have a bright future!"

The two of them started to exchange words, causing the bandit captain to be enraged!

He pointed his sword at Nantian: "You're courting death!"

Nantian looked at him and nodded: "Yes, I've already said it a while ago, why do you need to repeat what I've said!"

"You!!!" The bandit captain grew further enraged prepared to attack.

Nantian smirked: "I also said that word before, go on, keep repeating what I said!"

The bandit captain had enough but then realized something and asked: "When had you said it?"

"I've been saying it since I was a child, I've already said it more than a million times!"

"DIE!" The bandit growled as he slashed his blade at Nantian.

Nantian smiled, he waited for his master or fellow disciples to save him, but as the blade approaches him, the glanced at his group and noticed that they are all watching nonchalantly.

"I've been abandoned..." Nantian said jokingly as he sighed, but seeing his own senior brothers and sisters, they are all great cultivators, each their own path!

He has to make his own stand someday, and today wouldn't be bad to be that someday! 

He took the sword and prepared to fight, but at this moment, two soft and genteel hands grabbed his arm: "Come here!"

She was the ugly lady, she then harshly ordered the captain of her guards: "Captain Luoy, what are you waiting and watching these scoundrels approach me?"

Captain Luoy nodded his head: "As my lady wishes."

He withdrew his sword and charged at the enemies.

Seeing this, Mo Xie couldn't help but felt quite awed at this Captain Luoy, as an Immortal Ascension ranked expert, he's not using his spiritual energy, but instead, relying on his physical abilities.

"He's gaining strength, his soul sea extending and breaking through to the next rank yet he's not gathering any spirit energy..." Mo Xie uttered, he couldn't believe it even though he's seeing it himself.

There's no spiritual energy within this captain Luoy no matter how he looked at it yet he's able to breakthrough?

It's like having functional meridians even though it's crippled!


Mo Xie felt quite peculiar about it, but then, he had seen something similar to it! The Tyrannical God's Physique!

The Tyrannical God's Physique boosts one's blood, flesh, and muscles to gain incredible strength!

But for this person, his physique is like boosting his muscle, bones, and skin!

"A clan that focuses on one's skin?" Mo Xie started to make a lot of assumptions, at this moment, he himself wants to be the bandit and take this man and starts some experiments on him.

But he then shook his head and sighed as he thought; 'I'm a changed man... I'm a changed respectable man... in front of my wife...'

He clenched his fist tightly and decided to remove these kinds of thoughts from now on; for now.

Although the bandit leader's spiritual energy was massive, it didn't take long for Captain Luoy and the guards to dispose of them quite quickly.

Nantian felt even more ashamed seeing this: "Well, everything had been settled, I will take my leave now."

"Wait, are you going to the city? I can bring you along, how about that?" The lady asked with begging eyes as she held unto Nantian's hand.

Nantian smiled at her, giving his greatest charismatic pose: "Lady, I would like to stay, but I am not a free man, there are others that need my help!"

As he spoke, Nantian flew and made his way to regroup with the others.

But the lady didn't stop as she followed Nantian, not letting go of his hands.

But Nantian kept breaking free as Mo Xie decided to go on first.

As Nantian broke away from her, the lady's gaze suddenly became mysterious, her playful face changed: "Luoy, who do you think will win between the two of you."

Clearly, she's asking if Luoy, the Immortal Ascension ranked captain were to fight Nantian, a Sky Shattering ranked expert, who would win? If someone knows nothing, they would've laughed, even mocked at the question.

But Captain Luoy frowned, he didn't even ponder for a bit as he replied: "Milady, if the two of us fought, I might not be able to tell the tale."

The lady nodded her head, she glanced at the direction Mo Xie and the rest are heading and spoke: "He has a physique far surpassing yours..."

As she spoke, she glanced at Captain Luoy: "We'll be having a chance of plan, we'll follow them."

Captain Luoy nodded his head: "As you wish, milady."

Sparrow Line City

Mo Xie and the rest finally arrived at the city after leaving the troublesome lady at the gates.

Nantian forcefully separated with her and jumped on top of Zhuding and begged Mo Xie to move away from there.

"Master… this city is as big as the Soaring Blaze Phoenix Empire already, I wonder what a Kingdom's capital would be like, or even an Empire!" Nantian asked dazedly.

His previous life, he had been living inside a massive ship called 'Philippines', even with his forty years of life there, he had never seen the whole of that massive ship! But seeing how vast the land actually is, he couldn't help but lament how long it would take for a mortal to travel just these parts.

Mo Xie nodded his head: "Yeah, but there may be places where a whole continent is a kingdom itself."

"The realm is vast, there definitely will be hidden secrets and alluring treasures everywhere one go."

"One just needs to have a great amount of luck and a vision to see them."

Nantian nodded his head respectfully: "This disciple will take master's words to mind."

As the city filled with buzzing people busy with a lot of things, especially the market.

"Hey, the auction seemed special today, I heard that they are bringing in a really exotic race in."

As they walked in the city, the first thing they heard is this rumor, Mo Xie hearing this also decided to go.

If by chance, he didn't and the thing that can solve his children's problem is in there, then, he may really have failed!

"Since there's an auction, let's head there first and see if we can get anything."

Everyone nodded and followed Mo Xie's lead.


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