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reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
Author :XXvoidlordXX
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2 death and meeting God

my name is Drake i slowly opened my eyes and saw around me and there i can't see anything everything is dark i can't even saw my hands after i look around i thought to myself ' Wtf where is these and what am i doing here fuck gotta go home before it's late'

suddently i felt a headache i grabbed my head with my hands and start screaming in my mind ' AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH !!!! WHAT THE FUCK MY HEAD HURT LIKE HELL '

suddently i saw a light in front of me and for some reasons my headache start to cooldown i started to walk to thd light and step by step i reached my hand and try to touch thd light and suddently the place i was in now is a room in a japanese design and an old man was sitting in front of me and for some reasons he was looking at me with a stange look how can i say it it's look like there was a warmth and sadness by the way he look at me he was looking at me and i was looking at him none say anything for 2 minutes and he bow to me and start talking " i am sorry my child for what happend to you i made a big mistake "

i was shocked at what he was saying and quickly said" please raise your head i don't even know why do you appologize" and he raise his head and again look at me with a some sadness in his eyes and start talking "i am God and i apologize for not blessing you it was my mistake everyone need to be blessed when they are born as for you i didn't bless you and so that's why you lived that horrible life and you are dead now " i was shocked again and said in my mind ' i am dead ?? so that mean no more pain for me '

i was thinking that i won't suffer anymore i mean my life was like hell i was with my parents but they were bad we were poor and my father every night will come home late and drunk and start fighting with my mother and always he will hit me to calmdown his anger and my mother too didn't take care of me since when i was 6 and after some years when i) i was 12 she left us and remarried again and then that night father was angry not like the other days he was at his limit he start cursing and beating me and he even bring a knife to kill me but fortunatelly i run before he did and so i left that night without return and i survived and manage to find a job i was working hard till i manage to rent a small apartment and i went back to school , it was hard going to school in the morning till noon and i work a full-time job in the evening till now i had to work hard to survive but now

i look at him again and asked him " so what caused my death ?? " he bowed again and said " it was me i dropped a lightning by mistake and you were there when that happened so i appologize again " i looked at him and said " it's alright so can you tell me now what will happened to me am i going to heaven or hell " he then raised his head and said " none of them you are to be reincarnated in a world of your choice i can guarante you 3 wishes of your choice but all of these have a limit i can't allow you to go to more than 3 worlds at max and you can't leave a world until you reach the peak and there is no infinity wishes nor a power like saitama that will make you too op " when i heard that i was happy ans said in my mind ' is this for real can i really reincarnated like those mc in those stories i read in webnovel i mean i'm not dreaming am i ?? ' suddently i heard the god said " you're not dreaming my child in normal case i will just reincarnate you but for what i done you deserve those 3 wishes so tell me what world you wish to be reincarnated in and your wishes and remember there is a limit to this wishes " i hurried and say " i want to be reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai " it was my favorite i watched the anime and manga too and i have a lot of knowledge about it more than any other anime so ofcourse i will chose it " then do you want to change your apperience and what timeline you want to be reincarnated in " i then said " just make me like adulte meliodas but with white hair and red eyes and make me from the demon clan i really like them they have the best abilities like darkness and assult mode as for timeline i want to be reincarnated 80 year before the storyline" "very well and what is your wishes " i start thinking and then said " first i wish to have a anime system like those fan-fiction to buy anything from other animes and my own world in a sperated dimensionel " " ok but for the start i will just make it so that you can buy from 3 animes and what is your second wish " i then start thinking for a while and stated the second wish " i wish to be immortal like ban and can give it to anyone i want " he then said " you can have immortality and make 15 people at most immortal then what is your third wish " " i want to be able to bring people from different anime worlds novels .... and please when i bring them here make them forget about their world and give them new memories from nanatsu no taizai" "ok your wishes is good if i say now then my boy off you go " as he said that suddenly a portal appeared in front of me and sucked me in and so that's how my adventure began

{sorry i'm not good when it come to english i'm trying to improve so bear with me }


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