reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
4 ch 3-ch4 skip time and set plans
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reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
Author :XXvoidlordXX
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4 ch 3-ch4 skip time and set plans

i slowly walked to the bear and stoped a few meters aways from him and i then yelled "HEEEEY WAKE UP YOUR DADDY IS HERE TO BEAT YOUR ASS ."

suddenly the bear eyes widened and stood up and a look of anger can be seen in his face like he understand what i said but no he's angry because i wake him from his sleep i extended one hand to him as a sign to come at me while the other hand was behind my back he then rushed at me with all his might his speed was fast but for me he was slow as a snail he raised his claw and dropped it at me, i didn't move from my place, when his claw was a bit away from my face i blocked it with one hand like it was nothing but when i blocked his claw the floor under my feet start to crack and my hand trembled i thought in my mind ' this can't be a strength of 350 'then the system said in my mind

[* it's the effect of his ability strength enhancement that raise his strength, right now his strength is 700 ]

Helios : so his strength doubled i think it's kinda of good ability he have there but not enough

he slowly dodged every attack and yawned and said " AAAAHM come on give me a good fight do your best come at me " the bear slapped toward me i then avoided his slap and shout a punch to gut and sent him fly and crushed throught several trees as the dust raised in the air after several seconds the dust vanished and in front of helios a bear that had his body full of blood, and it's look like he fainted i walked to the bear and took a dagger from the system and stabbed it in the heart i received message from the system

[* mission complete Helios has received 100 SP space magic spell teleportation .]

Helios : system what the different between the space magice and teleportaion spell .

[space magic give you a more understand on space laws and able to use the space element to an extent and the spells like teleportation are helping you to break that extent like if you just use space magic to teleport right now you will manage to teleport at most 10 km away while the spell teleportation need you to put your mark in the place you want to go to just like heraishen no jutsu and you can teleport to where the mark even if it was 1000 km away but if you reach the FM : full mastery in space magic you can creat a portal that lead to anywhere you can even teleport anything to anywhere even if you want to teleport a hole world but that will need a lot of magic than none in this world have .]

Helios : even merlin don't have that much i thought she have infinity magic power with her ability

[* she just have the largest amount of magic power and if she used a lot of strong spells she will exhaust her magic power too much ]

Helios : well let's just forget about that right now i need 2 things , first i need to train to raise my power level and master my abilities and second try hard to make my dream come true and by that i mean to collect a huge amount of SP and make polygamy normal in this world so that i can have my harem i need to work hard for the seek of my dream after that i activated my darkness and sharpe it in wings and fly to a certain distance

and vanished .

it have been 20 year after helios arrived in this world right now there was a handsome man in a snow mountain with his eyes closed he suddenly open his sharpe eyes and a mix of purple and black fire appeared in his hands and turn to a dragon heads he shoot them at the mountain suddenly 2 huge long dragons made of the purple-black flames rushed at the mountain then the dragons meet with the snow mountain and a large amount of steam raised after while the steam gone and with mountain too !! helios look at his hands and was shocked at his power he then said " system show me my status "



name : Helios/(Drake)

race : high demon 95% / human 5%

age : 38/ immortal

title : (training maniac/lunatic)


Strength : 26 190

Will : 7 635

Magic : 9 800

Power level : 43 625


76 800 SP (1 KSP = 1 000 SP , 1MSP = 1 000 KSP)


**abilities : ( (B) : beginner (I) : intermediate (FM) : full mastry )

- demon mark (FM)

- Power of Darkness (FM)

- Enhanced Regeneration (FM)

- Purgatory Fire (FM)

- Soul Stealing (FM)

- Demon Control (FM)

- Flight (FM)

- Assault Mode (I)

- Zero sign (FM)

- Full counter (FM)

- Revenge counter (I)

- ice, fire, water manipulation (FM)

- Devil fruit : Evil phonix (I)

- Wood style (FM)

- Shadow clone jutsu (FM) (500/500 shadow clone)

- space magic (I) (spell: teleportation)

- Wrold creation (I) ( 1000 km square)

- arc magic (I) (able to stop time for 1 min and change your own age )


Helios : good i'm now strong even thougth i focused on master my abilities and i didn't train that long there still 60 year till the stroy start now let become a holy knight and if possible befriend some of the seven deadly sins i think diane is the easiest since she is behave like a little girl meliodas treat her nicely for a while and she fall in love with him now let's start ah wait ... AAAAH shit i forget system take 20 KSP and make polygamy normal in this world .

the system stay silent for a while before answering

[*....-_-..... hmph ok ,helios has changed world's logic making polygamy a normal thing in this world 76 800SP > 56 800 SP .]

Helios : cool let's try and do somthing to make merlin give us some attention . hey system do you have any way to make her fall for me or do i need to pay SP for that too and she will normally fall for me

[*Helios dosen't neew to worry because you just need to pas 1000 SP for that but every time you make a girl fall for you by this way the next one you will pay ×10 the previous one and after that ×100 then × 1000 . ]

Helios : so that mean 1000 then 10,000 , 100,000 , 1,000,000 , 10,000,000 ....

anyway i can make the girls i want mine so let's just count them (1-Merlin 2-Jerico 3-melascula) nanatsu no taizai-(4-esdeath)akame ga kill-(5-Ultear 6-Erza) fairy tail (7-Karin 8-ino) naruto i think those are the girls i like and most of them were love from one side and zero love interset well let's set plans for the future i need first become holy knight find merlin and befriend her and meliodas after that he can stay with them for some years to gain their trust and then i will pay 1000 sp for merlin to fall for me and then maybe can find ban because he is the most character i love his carfree character and the way he talk man i will find him maybe i can stay with him for some time after zhivago left him for his real son i can teach him hand to hand comvat and maybe can make him a good little brother will i need to pay attention to not affect him i mean i will let him be like he was only i will make him strong a little and teach him some hand to hand combat so that he can be more strong and make sure he meet Elain and fall with her maybe after melascula revive her i will give her immortality too and i need to take his place when he meet jerico but i have somthing in my mind and i want to know those she fall for him just by him stripping her and save her from the demon blood effect like ban did and saw her naked but for melascula i will just make sure to meet her for once or twice and then pay for her and i don't care about other things and i need to become strong enough to undo the curse on meliodas and elizabith and maybe help zeldris as i do like him because he can sacrifies anything for his love and be with gelda then system can you seal my power level at 4 500 and send to with demon mark his power become 7 400 after the 10 commandment unsealed he will undo the shadow clones from Paradis (his world ) and receive the result of them training for all these years bu he will undo around 100 frst after melioda fight with the commandments i will unleash more to sav him and so on as for now just buy me the ability to seal my power myself .

[*Ding buy power seal by 5 500 SP Remained 51 300 SP]

helios said as he sharped his darkness in 2 pair of wings and said flying in liones destance " for now let's become a holy knight and meet make some friend shall we "


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