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reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
Author :XXvoidlordXX
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5 ch 5 become a holy knigh

Right now a handsome man can be seen flying in the sky above the clouds . it was without doubts Helios he's now in his way to Liones and was thinking about somthing .

Helios : I think right now the king of Liones is Bartra's father and now Bartra  was born recently and i was thinking of try somthing to save Nadja   from death nope that will affect Gowther too much let's just become a holy knight and do nothing like a normal knight let's just wish to not change the stroy too much .

I dropped in a forest near Liones and start walking after sometime i finally reached the city it was really big and i reached the castle and was stopped by the Guards "Halt !! "

Helios : i just wish to become a holy knight

Guard 1 : in that case wait till we inform about you, go inform about a man  who came for recruitment as a holy knight

Guard 2 : I'll be going to inform the king and the great holy knight lord William

(a character i created )

After waiting for some time the guard return and inform me to come with him to meet with the king and great holy knight we enter the castle and he lead me to a training ground we meet with the king he was Bartra's father and i have to say they look the same with great holy knight his name was William and he too was the father of Zartras i gave them a respectfull bow and then William start to talk

William : if you wish to become a holy knight you need to pass the test we will test your strength and magic power

Helios : so i just need to demonstrate my strength and magic power i think i know how i will demonstrate my magic but what about strength do i need to fight someone or just a test of my raw strength

William : strength recruitment need to show both your raw strength and you need to have good swordmanship as i can see you use a sword so let's start without wasting time .

I walked to the training ground and placed my hand on the floor and said using the ice manipulation "ICE AGE " and the ground freezed in a second ( just like aokiji's ) 

That shocked both the king and William then they smile brightly as they found a strong holy knight as bu this much he can be a higher rank holy knight, then we strarted the strength test and i have to punch a magic item look like a punch bag but when i punch it it gave a number and it was at 730 because i sealed my power at 1780 as i don't want to make a lot attention i mean the great holy knight is at 3400 and there is some other holy knight that can be said are strong even the king was around 1200 anyway i then fight with William as i don't need to defeat him just to demonstrate my swordmanship and i easly become a holy knight as the king announce that i become a holy knight and brought an armor from the system

 (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/539869074076664778/?%24ios_deeplink_path=pinterest%3A%2F%2Fpin%2F539869074076664778&%24android_deeplink_path=pinterest%3A%2F%2Fpin%2F539869074076664778&_client_id=amp-3baVlSALtAxtyoFscEkI7Q&utm_source=168&utm_medium=2160&current_page_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Famp%2Fpin%2F308989224415089793%2F&install_id=5be6a2dcbc2e0571c4b664ba3a8c303f&%24fallback_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F539869074076664778%2F&_branch_match_id=597429837686428251 )

I nickname was Dark Raven and my duty was to do some missions like killing some monsters that the normal knights can't do and kill dangerous bandits and criminals that was boring for almost 7 years as i meet with little nadja and Bartra too i was in a missions to some villages when i came to a certain village to kill some monsters and heared the system

[*Ding system has detect meliodas and merlin are near here. ]

I smiled brightly finally i can meet with them i then start walking to a forest was near the village there  and start unseal all my power all this time i undo around 50 shadow clones ane my power raised to that of 51 300 with my assault mode it can be doubled or even more and with that i just said " let just use some power to bring them here ICE AGE !!" 

and in a merly 5 seconds everything around me in a circle with a diameter of 50 km


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