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reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
Author :XXvoidlordXX
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7 ch 7 without title

All this time Helios was changing his apperiance to look like he grew older and also since everyone beside the king and Willam don't know his face he decided to not let them see his face because when the 2 of them die he will fake his own too and he don't need to worry as he lie to them about him being married and will soon have son as for now he was hopping to become a holy knight again but that would be after Meliodas become one in Liones.

Right now he was thinking of something ' i need to fake my death before the king and Willam's death so none will now me and since i told them i have a wife in a village and soon i will have a son they want suspect me when i use my arc magic to become young and after meliodas become a knight i would come too by the identity son of the Dark Raven holy knight as it's easy right now the most troubelsome one for me will be the demon king and i think i havr to take the commandmenets that are together half his power and i can defeat him then and undo the curse on Meliodas and Elizabeth and i will take Merlin to fairy tail as she like to study magic she will like it the only thinks that can give him a challange are the commandment at least fighting 5 together .

Helios : let's just forget about that system show my status


Name : Helios/(Drake)

race : demon /human/dragon/

title : (Dark Knight Raven)


strength : (40 240)=> 25 000

will : (16 600)=> 6 500

magic : ( 29 460)=> 8 500

total power level : (86 300)=> 40 000


SP : 1 560 KSP = 1,56 MSP


abilities :

- Power of Darkness (FM)- Enhanced Regeneration (FM)- Purgatory Fire (FM)- Soul Stealing (FM)- Demon Control (FM)- Flight (FM)- Assulte Mode (FM)-Hellblaze (FM)-Sharingan (FM)- Ice Fire Water manipulation (FM)- Seal (FM)- Dragon/Demon/God slayer lightning fire wind water earth magic (FM) "Able to turn into a dragon like acnologia"-Devil fruit : phoniex (FM) - EMS (FM)- Space magic (FM)- arc magic"time" (FM)-transformation magic (FM)-World Creation (I)"30 000 km square"....


jutsu :

-shadow clone jutsu (FM)-multiple shadow clone jutdu (FM)-Wood clone jutsu (FM)-rasengan(FM)-oodama rasengan(FM)-sho oodama rasengan (FM)-ESM jutsus( Amaterasu , Tsukuyomi , Kamui , Kotomatsukami , Blaze release , perfect Susanoo) (FM)

Helios : i'm way strong just under higher Demons and Mael (with Sunshine) and his brother (with Flash) from the 4 arch-angels and we can't forget about the Supreme Deity and the Demon King

doesn't matter right now still have time before the holy war speaking of which it was already too long after my fake death and Meliodas should have fucked that Fraudrin up and i think he will be in Liones for now let's go i think was time for me to become a holy knight again and meet some old friends .

he said that before teleporting near Liones kingdom and walking to the castle and was stopped by a guard like the last time "Halt !! whar bring you here"

Helios : Well i came here to become a holy knight as my my deceased father "

The Guard : your father was a holy knight ? who ??

Helios : Mother dis tell me that he was adressed as Dark Raven if i remember

the guards were shocked because they know who is Dark Raven as he was the strongest Holy Knight in the Kingdom years ago even the Great Holy Knight Zartras was trained by him somtimes as he and the King didn't see his face but they know him well

guard : very well let me inform the King and Lord Zartras about you as recently a boy with a blonde hair become a holy knight and was said that he's strong

and then i waited for him and after some time he came back and lead me to the Throne room to meet with the King and Zartras and even Meliodas was there and i heard that there was a sorceress that reside a tower and she too join as holy knight ,it was Merlin without doubtc

( idecided Helios will have 3 girls at most and i was thinking beside Merlin i'd like Ultear form fairy tail and Esdeath as he can bring her with him without need to go to akame ga kill world what do you think i can't change Merlin but for the other 2 let's vote for the 2 places as i for now his wish will only have immortality and give it to 5 people as i was thinking he can bring some people from other animes not girls Esdeath alone is the girl since he will not go to her anime world )


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