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reincarnated in nanatsu no taizai with anime system
Author :XXvoidlordXX
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Entering the throne rom you can see the King in his throne and in front of him Zartras and Meliodas he walked to them and bowed to the King all of them were looking at him Meliodas was smiling while the king and Zartras has the feeling that they already know hom but didn't think about it too much the king start talking " so you are the son of Mr Zetsu ( a fake name for his dead father as he didn't tell them his real name ) do you really wish to become a holy knight like him "

Helios : yes i indeed wish to be a holy knight but not the same as i won't hide my face like that .

Bartra : very well here with us the Great holy knight of the kingdom and Meliodas is a strong one as none know his full power they both are strong and can state the test for you , Zartras .

Zartras bowed respectful and said " with honour my King" he turned to me and said " let's go to the training ground where the holy knights do their usual training" he looked at Meliodas " sir Meliodas what about you want to come too "Meliodas laugh his usual laugh and said " Nishishishishi i too want to see the test so let's go "

We made our way to the training ground there was some holy kinghts do their training or spare with each other when they see Zartras they pay him respect and look like there was some who know Meliodas and some doesn't seem to know him as they were looking at him confiousing at to what a kid doing here

Zartras then turned to me and said " your first test will be showing your ability  can you tell me what is your ability " i just said " it's time as it called Arc " "can you demonstrate it " i didn't say anything i just walked to a fighting ground and then used arc magic and said  " ARC TIME !!" then a silver aura start to appear around Helios body and made a domain around the training ground as he stop the time around and control it to not stop the time around Zartras and Meliodas but not for the others even the birds and some leafs stoped in the air .

that made Zartras shocked and Meliodas still smiling brightly as he already know about this ability and now that Helios control it to not bring a lot of attention,

it's true because Helios by his full power can make everything inside a circle with a diameter of 100 km stop by stoping the time or make them return the time by most of 3 min or slow the time down he himself was shocked when he use it first time at FM with space magic i mean by using space magic he can bring a meteor by opening a portal in space and bring it right now he can open at most 3 portals anyway he undo his ability and bring his black sword out and said " who am i sposed to fight to show my swordmanship " before Zartras say anything Meliodas take a sword and made his way to Helios who was smiling and said " now it will be a good match " then both of them start their fight and everyone was shocked at their speed as they can see them , Helios and Meliodas already clashed several times in a mere second and stil clashing more and more every clash create a shockwave that would make the holy knights backed up from the amount of power the shockwaves held their clash stayed for a merely several seconds and then they stoped and walked together out Meliodas said with a cheering tongue " let's go have a driink we will drink a lot tonight ." Zartras didn't find what to say they are simply a monsters "doesn't matter i will inform the King that he is just like Meliodas, monster" said as he walked away

meanwhile Meliodas and Helios made their way to a bar while talking and some time they would try to hold their laugh

Helios : how are you doing i heard you where in Danafor kingdom why did you came to Liones

Meliodas : you don't know it was destroyed

Helios : wait it can't be destroyed just like that what happened for real

Meliodas said with a face full of sadness : it was a demon that wasn't sealed with the others as he was sealed by the goddess clan and manage to break the seal and killed everyone in the Danafor kingdom before i manage to stop him and kill him

We stop talking about it as i know something happened that make him sad so i thought of asking Merlin when i visite her since i missed her  i after that we drink and chat that night and in tomorrow morning i was going to Merlin she was in tower where she was said to be always doing her experiments i was in front of the gate i have to say she don't like anyone to she don't like anyone to disturb her when she's do her experiments and studying magic more and more

 She really are the great Sorceress in Britannia barrier that won't let anyone enter her place beside me i can enter by using my space magic since it reach the Full Mastery even she can't  prevent me from entering  but when she always work on her experiments and seals she would make the barrier allow me enter well since i too have a lot of knowledge about seals from the system

i enter without knocking the door i mean she won't mind it at all

Helios : hey Merlin doing some experimentsy again you need to take a break

Merlin : oh Helios didn't know you were here

Helios : that's a lie you already know from when i entered the city

Merlin smiled : so you sensed me , i see you improve a lot

Helios : let leave that for another time i want to ask you what happend in Danafor when i talk with Meliodas he said it was a demon and i want to know about what happend there he looked really sad and guilty when he was talking about it so can you tell me more detail about that

Merlin : ah he didn't tell you about his past did he ?? ok you should already know that he have a curse right ??

i nodded at here i even know about what made him like that it was Liz's death or the death of the Elizabeth reincarnation no 106 and he found the currently Elizabeth or the 107th one and she's now the princess here but i don't want to reval this without anyone telling me their story again

Merlin : well let start from the beginning shall we it start from the demon king has 3 sons and Meliodas was the oldest one  ...

it took several hours from her to tell me everything even about herself after she finished she looked at me with a deep look it's really  stange as if she was waiting for me to said somthing

Helios :  what ??

Merlin : you won't say anything about us  hidding everything about ourselves

Helios : i too have some to tell you and that i start regain some of my memories two years ago (when did you even lost them ) and you will be suprised by what i will say

Merlin : so you have regain some of your memories but did you do somthing special for them to come back

Helios : actually yes i return to where i wake up with my memories losted and there i  start regain some but they are not enough for me to know about myself but you must know that i am not from this world

Merlin : what do you mean you're not from this world is that mean there is other worlds

Helios : yes there is a countless of worlds

Merlin was shocked to know that there was a lot of worlds and she start thinking about how much can her magic and experiments improve if she can go to some other worlds , she then heard something made her excited

Helios with a smile : want to come with me when the time come , but i need to become the strongest in this world to be able to leave

Merlin : why do want to bring me there , i don't mean i don't want but why do you chose me

Helios : you really want to make me say it right , it's a normal thing to bring a women i love with me right

wairt for the next chapter


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